Importance of Computer Skills in the Workplace

Computer skills in the workplace are very important. It’s because computer and computer skills are one of the most essential tools and methods to start and run any business successfully. There are various uses of computers in business. The computer is used in production, management, and marketing works. And almost all the businesses and offices have these 3 things that need computer skills.

Computer Skills

One change can make a big difference in the many things in life and career. So that if learn and improve your professional and job skills you will get exponential growth in income and happiness. It’s because you have the skills that are in demand in the workplace. NO business can become successful without its employees. And if employees are not skilled, especially in operating computers and the internet effectively, then it’s almost impossible to grow or even run a business successfully.

More and better job opportunities:

If you have computer skills then you will get a good job. Skilled employees contribute more to revenue growth. And every employer looks for certain skills in the individual before hiring. Few basic jobs skills are the following:

  1. Leadership Skills
  2. Communication Skills
  3. Technical Skills – Basic and Advance Computer Skills
  4. Problem Solving Skills.

These 4 skills are the most important in small or big companies. Lack of one can limit you from the growth you can get in your career. But today, let’s talk about basic computer skills and why these skills are important in the workplace and business.

If you’re skilled in computer applications that are used in business then you will get 30 to 40% higher salary than unskilled people.

If you’re skilled in following business applications and work, then you will have more job and career growth opportunities.

1. Typing Skills 

English (50 WPM) / Hindi (30+WPM) Typing Speed to type various business documents, applications, agreements, forms, letters, and reports. You can’t be successful in a job if you are only able to type 500 words in application or document in a day. Not only you need to learn how to type, but you also have to practice typing lessons daily. So that you become fastest.

2. Microsoft Office

If you learn the basics of Microsoft Word and google docs you will be able to do all kinds of document writing works. In document writing, you have to be skilled in how to structure a form, how to set layout for banner, how to set up the page for eBooks, how to align certain important points in the documents.

Not only this, you have to learn how to edit the documents that are sent in PDF format, how to convert.PDF into.Docx File, how to collaborate with other team members in the business document, and how to print and share with others. These are the small business works, but it is very important. And the speed of writing/editing/printing matter in the business deals.

So, if you’re good practically in Microsoft Office, the Internet and along with good communication skills you will the job. That’s why basic computer skills are really important in business and the workplace.

3. Possibility of growth:

Everyone wants growth and promotion in the workplace. Everyone wants to be appreciated and popular. But without contributing more than others in the growth of the business,  you can’t grow. Workplace and business are like a fruit tree that gives fruits (Salary/Revenue) monthly, weekly, daily and yearly. When you care about the tree along with other team members, it will grow. When it grows, it will give more fruits for everyone.

Without the skills or less contribution you’re getting 20000 rupees, think you contribute more with your knowledge, skills, and experiences you will be able to get 40,000 per month and promotion. But to do that, you have to come up with new ideas and ambitions for the business in which you’re working. You have to be skilled to contribute. And computer skills are something that involves everything from marketing to sells and production to management.

 4. Faster Execution:

When you are skilled on the computer you will work fast. And when you work fast, you will help the business to grow faster. To grow fast or to do any kind of work fast you need focus and skills. To make a marketing decision in the workplace for next year. What you will do?

Let’s take an example:

1) You have to research on the internet, analyze the market trend, research on competitors. Now in this work, you need data analysis, critical thinking, internet skills.

2.) Now you have to perform calculations and you have to apply visualizations such as charts and pivot tables that will make it informational. Now you have to print and share it. At this point, you need Microsoft Excel Skills.

3.) Now it’s not done yet. You’re going to present it in front of your team members or in front of directors or board member or boss. Now you have to create a presentation in powerpoint. You have to make it professional and really attractive so that the boss gets your idea or point of view. At this point, you need presentation and powerpoint skills.

4.) Now when it’s accepted, you have to share execution as well. In execution, you have to share certain applications, internet platforms, and machinery. If you don’t know the basic information technology instruments or least the IT vocabulary. Then it will not become impressive and convincing.

Now it’s just a small example. But you saw and learned how computer skills impact growth.

But skills are ok.

If you don’t know how to do it fast then someone else will do it. And to do it fast, you have to really skilled. If you’re watching the video tutorials and searching on Google each time to apply a new function, then it will take you to present your idea in 10 days instead of just 2 days.

10 days in one decision is just too much cost for the business. It’s not faster execution. You have to try to do this in just one day. Many do it in few hours. Speed is important in career and business development. But to speed up, you have to improve your computer skills.

5. Collaboration:

You have to use various devices and machines in the workplace. Especially related to collaboration. It can be cloud storage, video conferencing, chat application. If you don’t know how to install certain software on the computer, if you don’t know how to use them, then how you will collaborate with other team members.

Other team members, no one has the time to stand and visit you again and again to help you. You have to be skilled so that you all can progress. No one likes it if the execution is slow down because of you. That’s why it’s important.

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6. To avoid mistakes and Improve the Quality:

Quality in public services, documents is important. No one is perfect in this world, every individual and group can make mistakes. But if we have tools, sources available and we can improve then definitely we have to do it.

I do lots of mistakes in my writing especially spellings and sentences. But I have to communicate. To avoid mistakes, I use a couple of tools such as google translator and Grammarly. I am not writing this from anywhere or from visible documents.

But when someone typing and creating public documents such as exam papers, identity cards, and many other documents then it impacts citizens at a bigger level. To make certain corrections in the documents it can cost 500 rupees and whole time of day to visit the office and then request to make a change. And if 100000+ people paying 50 rupees for updates, then it’s 50,00,000 rupees earned by the agencies based on the mistakes, if all those mistakes are intentional.

I do my best to write error-free.  But there is always the possibility of mistakes.

But the point is when you have tools, functions in computer applications, then why we see mistakes in public documents. Even when someone is paying for the work.

The conclusion is just that computer provides many tools and methods for the users to avoid as many mistakes as possible.

For example, a computer is known for its accuracy. That’s why people use it in business and the workplace. But if the users are not computer literate or skilled and repeat mistakes then it will become an extra cost.

That’s why if you’re good at the uses of computers in the workplace then there are high chances of accurate work. And this impacts business growth positively.

Computer Skills1

7. Part-time own business opportunities:

Due to the Internet, building an online income source by working part-time is very beneficial and easy for people working in day jobs.

For example, salesmen, programmers, designers, marketers, writers, engineers, managers many others can share their knowledge and experiences online through online courses, blogs, and youtube channels and even through social media pages. So if you want to start a part-time business online by working daily 2 hours then you need a few advanced computer and internet skills.

You have to learn the following things:

  • Uses of Computer and Internet
  • Uses of Social Media
  • Digital Content Creation
  • Online Marketing
  • WordPress
  • YouTube Channel
  • Blogging

Also if you have knowledge of the domain, hosting, website creation then it’s a bonus and much easier to start an online business.

But to learn all these advance computer skills, it’s always good and the best method that first, you become proficients in the basic uses of computers. Learning advanced computer skills, after the basic uses of computers, you will be able to perform much better and faster in your current job. It’s because learning will expand your thinking and make you more mature.

8. More options to contribute to business growth:

In a job, you’re in the best position to learn and experiment. For example, if you one day you want to start your own business then you must work in your current job like you’re an owner.

And only then you can become a successful owner one day. It’s true. If you’re not loyal in your current job and work then you can’t expect that when you will be in the business, your employees will be loyal. They become like you. The point here is that, try to take more responsibilities in your jobs, such as management decision, marketing, sells, production and presentation.

For example:

  • You can take care of energy consumption, by turning off the lights and computers.
  • You can ignore the gossips, politics, and arguments while working.
  • You can perform faster than others.
  • You can offer new ideas to grow the business.
  • Don’t think about changing jobs too often, just think to grow the current business and do what the best you can do.

When you do such things without the expecting salary or bonus or appreciation then it will start transforming your inside system into entrepreneurship. And consistency in the efforts will make you one of the successful entrepreneurs in your city, country, and world.

Everything started from zero. And if you think that you’re in the zero then it’s much better and greater for you to start and get more opportunities to grow your income as well as the business in which you’re doing the job.

9. Computer skills Increase your interest in office work:

When you learn, you think to grow. And when you execute the lessons, you grow. It’s just that simple.

Consistent learning doesn’t make you bored at your job. Even it makes you more exciting to work. You reach the workplace before others, and you leave after others.

Think, you’re in the office before your boss.

And you leave the office in the evening after your boss or along with the boss.

You work not because of salary but because you want to grow in your career and life. You’re working not to only 50,000 rupees but to achieve 500000 rupees monthly.

The bigger you think about your job and workplace the higher you will grow.

But do you think, it’s possible without learning and improving your current computer skills? No.

Learning can take time. But learning online digital skills or computer skills is easier and more flexible. And within 6 months, you can improve not only job position but also the skill set that will inspire other people as well including family. When you involve yourself and dedicate yourself to the growth then nothing can bore and distract you. But you have to be determined to learn and improve.

10. You get job security:

The best job security is not that something that you are working in a big company. You can see in the news that big companies are leaving their employees. And companies can notify any kind of reason. No matter what is written in your job letter. When it’s about loss and profit.

So the best job security that you can provide to yourself is by learning and improving your computer and job skills consistently. When you grow and when you have multiple skills and talents you will be a profitable investment for the company. And they don’t leave you.

Even if they leave you, due to your talent and skills, the next employer is looking to welcome you. But when you’re profitable. But you become profitable for yourself and others when you grow your skills and knowledge. When you become more focused and goal-oriented. And when you learn, you not only learn the technical skills or knowledge about the syllabus but you also get the personal and business ethics from the teacher and leader.

In conclusion, you can say that consistent learning, self-improvement is a secret of success. Learning is not only about basic and advances computer skills, but it also about learns when you use and what to use at a certain point in the workplace from the skillset.